How To Cook Steak On The Grill

Cooking out on the grill is a beloved pastime and method of cooking. Grilling has been favored for decades, with families and individuals loving a nicely grilled meal. One of the most popular foods to grill is steak, and for good reason too. A steak cooked on the grill has more of a flavor profile, the different flavors of the meat tend to stand out more. Because of this, grilled steak is extra tasty. However, this is only true if one knows how to cook steak on the grill. There are a few steps one would want to take to ensure that their grilled steak comes out great, such as:

Marinate the Meat

By marinating the meat for a few hours before grilling, you’ll be adding flavor while also allowing the meat to become extra tender. You can choose a marinade that you enjoy, or simply brush some Worcestershire over the meat, allowing it to soak in and tenderize the cut of steak. Not only is marinated steak more flavorful, and tender, but it also tends to hold juices better during grilling.

Season It Beforehand

You’ll want to season the steak before placing it on the grill. Give the meat time to sit with the seasoning before throwing it on the fire. This will allow the meat to be more flavorful, while also making the grilling process easier. Trying to season steak as you’re cooking it on a grill is hard, which is why it’s recommended to season the meat before you begin to cook it, just as you would with any meat.

Start High, Cook Low

This may be easier or harder to do depending on the type of grill you own. However, when possible it’s always recommended to start cooking the meat with high heat or flame, allowing the steak to get a nice sear. Once a nice browning has been accomplished, you’ll want to lower the heat and let the meat cook until the desired level of doneness. This allows for a fine outside, but tender and juicy inside.

Let The Meat Sit

Along with marinating, it may be wise to let your steak reach room temperature before cooking. This allows for the meat to cook properly, retain more juices and stay tender. You may risk making the steak tough and chewy by trying to cook it colder, you may also mess with the flavor profile. A room temperature steak is also much easier to cook than a cold steak.

Cooking steak on a grill isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ll want to consider which grill to use, whether it’s coal or gas. Depending on the flavor profile you want, you may even want to use wood chips over a fire pit. There are many different grilling methods, though the guidelines above should be followed for the best results possible. Most of all, enjoy your time grilling, relax and enjoy the process. Grilling food doesn’t just end with a tasty meal, it’s a lot of fun too!